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Who can join?

Our choirs accept young singers from Year 2 - Year 13 (roughly aged 6-18). We also take children from January of Year 1, once they have had time to settle into longer days at school and can cope with after-school rehearsals. Young people enter one of our three choirs (Highbury Training Choir, Highbury Junior Choir or Highbury Youth Choir) depending on age and experience.

How to join

 Entry to our choirs is by audition, usually held in the first week of each term. Children in Years 1-3 take part in a trial session during a weekly rehearsal, when they can see if they enjoy the choir. Those in Year 4+ have a one-to-one audition with one of our conductors. We are looking for young people with a passion for singing and performing. You need to be keen to develop your skills, but don't worry if you haven't done much singing before: we're looking for potential!


Open Rehearsal 11 January 2024


Our next audition date is 11 January 2024

at Christ Church, Highbury N5 1SA


Auditions for those in Year 4+ consist of:

  • a simple, unaccompanied song of your choice (e.g. a folksong or nursery rhyme)
  • some ear tests (e.g. clapping back a rhythm, echoing short melodies from the piano)
  • some range tests

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